Why I brag about CNU

In my recent move to a new employer (Olsson Associates, for those of you curious), I highlighted my years of involvement with CNU as a key positive. Why do I do this? What's special about CNU, compared to other professional organizations like AIA, APA, or even ULI?

For me, it's quite simple. CNU is THE place where the best, brightest and most thoughtful professionals come together - of all stripes. CNU is not just planners or architects talking to each other. It's where people who care about a set of principles and ideals (the Charter) all get together to try and figure out the best ways to get it done. Getting it done - that's a big deal with the CNU, not just talking and hoping.

Over the years, the discussions have ranged from the idealistic to the technical, but it's almost always been focused on achieving our aims. Always stimulating, CNU has been a key area for me to explore my passion, and a way for me to connect with others around the country and the world who feel the same way.

I say - join in the conversation. We love nothing more than a good debate, an intelligent challenge, and learning from someone who's doing it.




Great thoughts Kevin, and

Great thoughts Kevin, and precisely why CNU membership is the perfect portal to connect with other engaged individuals looking to reshape their communities into better-performing, economically sound, and vibrant places. Thank you!


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