"Stop Demolishing New Orleans' Heritage" - Jack Davis.

Jack Davis - CNU Board member, and itinerant reporter, editor, and publisher - recently wrote a feature on New Orleans' unfortunate inclination to literally bulldoze over its architectural - and therefore cultural - heritage.

In the article for Louisiana Cultural Vistas magazine, Davis questions NoLa's post WW-II habit to tear down, with seemingly little forethought, the very buildings and neighborhoods that gave vibrancy to the city. Davis writes of the richness of colonial rowhouses, shotgun houses and the only Louis Sullivan-designed rail station, all destroyed in the name of "righting blight." It has resulted, as he pens, in New Orleans history of "subtracting from our inheritance."

Download the full article below to read of New Orleans, past, present, and future and the hope that historic preservation may lend to the city.


Jack Davis - ""Stop Demolishing New Orleans' Heritage".pdf88.47 KB


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