New Orleans

Photo Blog: New Faubourg Lafitte in New Orleans

In 2012, Urban Design Associates (UDA) was awarded a Charter Award for their project The New Faubourg Lafitte in New Orleans. The project is a redevelopment and rehabilititaiton of a 27-acre superblock public housing that had been badly damaged by hurricane Katrina. CNU praised the collaboration wit... read more »

Photo Blog: Tremé Today & the Claiborne Expressway

Tremé is one of the oldest and most central neighborhoods of New Orleans. In its early history, it was a popular destination for immigrants and free people of color. ... read more »

Claiborne Avenue: "Denuded of its trees...terrifying in its stark deformity"

A recent article in the Louisiana Cultural Vistas magazine documents the transformation of Claiborne Avenue from a "mid-20th century linear park" to an elevated, limited access freeway. Author John T. Magill delves into the history of the avenue to show how its construction into a highway opened up ... read more »

The Prince's Foundation "A Culture of Building" Summer School

The Prince's Foundation strives to teach and demonstrate sustainable development via community engagement all around the world.  ... read more »

"Stop Demolishing New Orleans' Heritage" - Jack Davis.

Jack Davis - CNU Board member, and itinerant reporter, editor, and publisher - recently wrote a feature on New Orleans' unfortunate inclination to literally bulldoze over its architectural - and therefore cultural - heritage. ... read more »

LEARN: Re-Imagining Claiborne Avenue

On March 21, Jacky Grimshaw of Chicago's Center for Neighborhood Technology and Jeff Tumlin of San Francisco's Nelson/Nygaard firm discussed how an urban freeway removal project may influence equity and access issues along Claiborne Avenue. Grimshaw's focus on community organizing principles learned... read more »

New Urban New Orleans

New Orleans – New Urban Projects Compiled by Gate Pratt ( ... read more »

Local Street Networks and the Future of Claiborne Avenue

Join the Claiborne Corridor Improvement Coalition for a discussion on the future of Claiborne Avenue on December 6 at 6 p.m. at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Center. Local experts in community development, planning, transportation and architecture will present research and ref... read more »

NoLa's Superblock, Mega-Hospital Hits Snag in Development

Plans for the development of LSU's University Medical Center superblock site have hit a considerable snag, as JP Morgan Chase & the hospital governing board have pulled their application for federal mortgage financing. Without backing via HUD/FHA Section 242 Mortgage Insurance, it seems as if LS... read more »