How does finance shape urban form?

"Increasingly, federal officials are realizing the deleterious effects of these. The 2009 report from HUD, “Great Places to Call Home: A Representative Portfolio of HUD’s Section 202 Program” states “Restrictions on commercial space had the effect of eliminating commercial activities altogether.” More recently, the Los Angeles Times noted that in an effort to bolster market activity for condominiums, FHA may look towards relaxing some of the rules that currently hamper such financing, including evaluating nonresidential space use."

At a time when the housing market is looking to find solid ground - and demographic demand indicates a move away from conventional sprawl pattern development - CNU is aiming to answer the question of how finance shapes urban form with its Live/Work/Walk: Removing Obstacles to Investment initiative. And as the above passage from this article indicates, seems as if FHA and federal officials are recognizing current financing restrictions that impede mixed-use development are due for reevaluating. 

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