CNU Featured in New York Times Article, "Regulatory Break for Mixed-Use Projects"

The New York Times reported on a recent rule changed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that increases the allotment for government-insured mortgages for condos built within mixed-use projects. The change, championed by CNU via its Live/Work/Walk: Removing Obstacles to Investment ... read more »

Montgomery Bankers Discuss Main Street

On Wednesday, September 19, I met with seventeen bankers, two developers, and Montgomery, Alabama Economic Development Director Chad Emerson. I spoke for fifteen minutes about CNU's Live/Work/Walk initiative, focused on federal housing finance reform. ... read more »

How does finance shape urban form?

"Increasingly, federal officials are realizing the deleterious effects of these. ... read more »

Waiting in Harlem

The recent New York Times article "In East Harlem, 'Keep Out' Signs Apply to Renters" showcases the struggle in redeveloping formerly derelict areas, even in a place like Manhattan, where - as the author states - the vacancy rate is nearly 1 percent. While it is easy to look towards property owners ... read more »

Putting the "Urban Development" back in HUD

William Tuyn is the Vice President/Director of Town Planning for engineering and construction firm, GPI/Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., and an integral member of the team behind CNU 22 in Buffalo. The following is a guest post relating Tuyn's thoughts on CNU's FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Reform initiat... read more »

CNU XV Blog, Part 5: LEED-ND and accessibility for the disabled

The LEED-ND rating system contains a credit for "universal accessibility" for the disabled. This morning, Eleanor Smith spoke on this concept, addressing the following issues: ... read more »