Re imagining the SRO as an affordable housing type

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Reading Eric Kleinenberg's latest book Going Solo has a new relevance for New Urbanism and links directly to CNU 20.  In an increasingly urbanized world how do we provide for our most neglected populations: the single and homeless?
It was gratifying to read Kelinenberg's focus on a new innovative solution: bringing back the SRO or single room occupancy building as a housing type but with a focus on a diverse populations.

Roseanne Haggerty and  has been re-imagining the SRO for New Yorkers and has been forging  ahead with affordable solutions for New York's diverse population through her non profit model Common Ground. Rosanne will be peaking on a panel at CNU 20 called Preserving Affordability: Gentrification without Displacement One of the biggest challenges Kleinenberg asks is how to to address our senior citizens and other singles in an urbanized world?   New urbananists are uniquely positioned to be able to deal with these issues. As neighborhoods continue to change and grow we canot neglect this simple but profound question. Don't miss Rosanne's  along with Alexander Gorlin to hear fresh ideas and innovative solutions.
Come hear this session Friday May 11 at 2pm ET and bring your questions!


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