Development & Implementation

Farmton, FL: A New Opportunity To Prove What Can Be Accomplished For the Environment Through New Urbanism / Regional Planning

Recently a New Urbanist community comprehensive plan has been proposed and found to be in compliance by the courts in Volusia County, Florida.  This New Urbanist community comprehensive plan rests on a tract of land called Farmton.  This tract of land has historically been agricultural lan... read more »

There's Plenty Of Sunlight To Be Harvested In Pavones, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those countries that is leading the way in renewable energy istallation and production.  The country intends to become the first carbon-neutral country by the year 2021.  In 2008, oil contributed to only 8% of the country's total electrical power generation capacity. &... read more »

What New Urbanism Is Not

If New Urbanism is compact, mixed-use, walkable, public transportation oriented development, then what is it not?  Well the photo to the right is a good example of what New Urbanism is not.  This photo is of what is known as "urban sprawl." ... read more »

Playa Coronado, Panama: The Perfect Place For A New Urbanist Community?

There are several characteristics of the town of Playa Coronado, Panama that I noticed while I was there, that may make it the perfect place for a walkable mixed-use New Urbanist community.   The first and most obvious reason, in my opinion, is the gorgeous white and black sand beach. Notice ho... read more »

Concerning New Urbanist Development In Orlando, FL's West Side

I have resided near Downtown Orlando, Florida for the vast majority of the 33 years of my life.  I have witnessed this area go through many changes in this time.  The main corridor through Downtown Orlando is called Orange Avenue.  If driving or walking along Orange Avenue, one will s... read more »

Re imagining the SRO as an affordable housing type

Reading Eric Kleinenberg's latest book Going Solo has a new relevance for New Urbanism and links directly to CNU 20.  In an increasingly urbanized world how do we provide for our most neglected populations: the single and homeless?It was gratifying to read Kelinenberg's focus on a new innovati... read more »

Camden, N.J. Demolition begins at Riverfront prison, opening waterfront, one mile from downtown Philly.

The demolition of the 24-year-old facility, state and local officials vowed on Wednesday, marks a brighter future for the city. ... read more »

Change in N.J. affordable-home rules stymies builders.

At that point, town officials will have to decide whether they can allow Towne Center to go ahead as planned or must require Fieldstone to integrate low-income units into the development, risking the ... read more »

Regarding Revocation Of NJ's Charter Award: Look Who Signed this June 11, 2009 Letter

“If the commission and the office are allowed to atrophy beyond their already compromised condition, the entire state planning process — and everything it has stood for over the past 22 years — ... read more »

CAMDEN, N.J.( NY TIMES ) — Corporations redevelop their homes all the time, but few efforts have been as closely watched...

Campbell Soup Co. to replace old blight with new blight. I am seeking comments and opinion from CNU members and staff on appropriateness of Campbell's plans.-M. McAteer ... read more »