What New Urbanism Is Not

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If New Urbanism is compact, mixed-use, walkable, public transportation oriented development, then what is it not?  Well the photo to the right is a good example of what New Urbanism is not.  This photo is of what is known as "urban sprawl."

 As you can see, the community in the photo to the right is completely automobile dependant, meaning that if you want to leave your home to do anything besides go to the neighbor's house, you would have to drive long distances to get there.  This is of serious concern to those resident's health, and the planet's.  The residents are losing out on beneficial exercise of being able to walk or bike to work, retail or grocery stores, and social spaces, and also burning gasoline and creating carbon emissions that cause climate change/global warming.  There are no sidewalks or public social spaces to even go to if there were.  Everybody that resides in this community is more or less relegated to their home watching television while snacking or behind the wheel of their car at all hours they are not at work (most likely sitting in a cubicle behind a computer).  It is no wonder that obesity and mental health issues have become so prevalent in societies such as the United States where the vast majority of urban sprawl and people that live in it occurs.

So what then is the answer to these problems that are being created by urban sprawl?  Well the answer to these problems is what is known as New Urbanism.  See the first sentence of this Blog for what New Urbanism is, and be sure to browse around the website too.  Click on CNU at the top right for the home page.



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