Will Orlando, FL's Commuter Rail Be Primarily For Transporting the Homeless To "Psychiatric Facilities?"

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Believe me, I'm just as alarmed at the title of this Blog as you are!  But in response to Alex Lenhoff's recent Blog titled: How To Revolutionize A City's Transit System an Orlando, FL Case Study.....


I felt compelled to make this the title of this Blog.  The reason for this is because I have studied this commuter rail system and the proposed development around it very thoroughly in the Masters of Planning In Civic Urbanism program at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.  In fact I was tasked with drawing up a site plan in Osceola County (south of Orlando) that is slated to be a commuter rail station for this same commuter rail as in Alex's Blog.  The project turned out fantastic in my opinion, and I was really excited to see it coming to fruition.

However, in a different class, the professor stated to me and the rest of the class that "we have seen what the development around this commuter rail can be, now let me tell you what it is going to be- the commuter rail will be for transporting the mentally ill homeless population from Downtown Orlando to psychiatric facilities in Osceola County where they can get the psychiatric help that they need."

Well that's just preposterous and I am offended.  Why would someone want to take such a gleaming beacon of hope for the sustainable development of the Central Florida region and turn it into primarily a mentally ill homeless persons transporter?  The homeless problem is primarily an economic problem, not a psychiatric problem first of all.  If this man would like to help to minister to the homeless, I can surely have him help me with my ministry to the homeless in Downtown Orlando.  Other than that, if he would like to help to build a new homeless shelter near Downtown Orlando, that might be considered to be acceptable by me, my church, my community, and the rest of the homeless population.  But no he is not going to be forcing anyone into commuter rail then into psychiatric facilities.  That would only be something that would happen in the formerly Nazi occupied Germany, and will not be happening in Orlando, Florida, or anywhere else in the United States either.

Commuter rail is extremely important as an alternative means of transportation, getting people out of their cars which would decrease the burning of gasoline, fossil fuel/carbon emissions, and global warming.

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