How the CIA's Illegal Cocaine Trafficking Is Affecting Inner-City Youth In the United States

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As I personally recall, the CIA's (Central Intelligence Agency) involvement in illegal cocaine trafficking from South and Central America into the United States first came to light to the general public during the Oliver North trial for the Iran-Contra affair-

More recently, a similar scandal has come to light involving president Barrack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), known as Fast and Furious-

These monies that have been generated through illegal cocaine trafficking by the CIA have been proven to be being laundered through large banking institutions such as HSBC bank-

As a former minister to children at an inner-city church in the African American community in Orlando, FL, I find these facts to be extremely disturbing.  These African American communities in Central and South Florida have probably been the most negatively affected by the CIA's illegal cocaine trafficking than in anywhere else in the United States.  Basically what this illegal cocaine trafficking by the CIA has done to these children in these communities is that it has forced them into a life of perpetual poverty, drug dealing/addiction, and "crime."  Many of these children do not see that there is any alternative to this kind of life described in the previous sentence, and in many ways they are correct.  

The recently turned "for-profit" prison industry in the state has benefited tremendously from the CIA's cocaine trafficking however.   The prison population in the US is "bonded" through the FDIC, and those bonds are traded on the open markets world-wide.  With record numbers of people being arrested and sent to prison for drug-related and violent crimes, the CIA/US Government and wealthy "elite" class of citizens in the United States have profited tremendously off of all of this. 

 Unfortunately for the innocent children and families in these communities that are being so heavily affected by drugs and crime, things aren't so "well-off."  Maybe as a society we should try something different?

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