Why Did the DHS In the US Recently Purchase So Much Ammunition?

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The Department Of Homeland Security (or DHS) in the United States has recently purchased huge amounts of ammunition like has never before been seen in any Federal Agency in the United States; nearly 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition.  These ammunition purchases have created cause for serious concern amongst many Americans.  The right-leaning pundits such as FOX New say not to worry, all of this ammunition being purchased is for Federal Law Enforcement Agency "training."


However, the fact is that the amount of ammunition that has been purchased already by the DHS is enough rounds to sustain more than twenty more years of the amount of ammunition that has been fired from US soldiers in the Iraq War.


And that was before the DHS' purchasing of 21.6 million rounds more of ammunition this month.


So why would the DHS be planning on posessing enough ammunition to have the capacity to fire more than twenty more years of the amount of ammunition fired in the Iraq War?  Where did the monies for these ammunition purchases come from?  Were these ammunition purchases democratically voted for amongst American citizens as is normal and proper procedure for governmental and Federal Agency decisions in the United States?  What exactly is the role of the federal agency DHS?  Who exactly are these people that call themselves the DHS?  When and why was the DHS created to begin with?  I believe that these are the kinds of questions that every American citizen should be posing to themselves and to their government at this time.  I would not like to see any seriously catastrophic incident occurring in the United States, such as is poised to occur with these excessive ammunition purchases by the DHS.

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