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Chicago Green Roofs and Energy Consumption

  Author Noah P. Boggess is a Master of Art's student in Sustainable Urban Development at DePaul University, in Chicago, Illinois. In June, he will be joining CNU as a Transportation Summitt Project Assistant.  For inquiries on his research, contact Noah P. Boggess at ... read more »

Two Implausible Scenarios

The Rand Corporation recently issued a report sketching out two possible scenarios for America's transportation future.  In one scenario, entitled "No Free Lunch", energy prices keep rising, leading to less driving and more compact development.  Under this scenario, government regulates gr... read more »

Bill McKibben Speaks at Power Shift 2011

The good folks at have shared the following video from environmentalist Bill McKibben, speaking at the recent Power Shift 2011conference in Washington D.C. Enjoy highlights such as "The radicals are the people are the people who are fundamentally altering the composition of the atmosphere. ... read more »

Managing EcoDistricts

Managing Ecodistricts by Mary Vogel for Sustainable Industries ... read more »

Prop 23 Rejected

California voters rejected Prop 23. The oil and gas industry dumped millions into the pro 23 campaign, but California's citizens saw through the ads and voted overwhelmingly against the Proposition. CNU co founder Peter Calthorpe was part of a bi partisan coalition against Prop 23. ... read more »

#CNU18 Finding the right political language

Is "livability" a reckless extravagance under current economic conditions? Too purely aesthetic? Not practical enough? And what about "sustainability"? It's become the accepted language of many in the political class, as well as enlightened designers and builders. But it's not everybody's language. ... read more »

International Work on Role of Cities in Climate Change

Cities and climate change is of particular interest to me and I think a more organized or systematic approach to it is needed, especially when national governments (I won't name names) are providing s ... read more »

"Rogue of the Week" award from Portland's muckraking weekly

Those coming to the CNU Transportation Summit in Portland next week may want to check out the "Rogue of the Week" award from Portland's muckraking weekly Willamette Week at ... read more »

Let's lead the paradigm shift in landscape design and bring back ecosystem services

I rode my bike the few blocks down SW 10th Street in Portland to the Pearl District to take in the excitement of First Thursday gallery openings on a warm summer evening. ... read more »

Tax greenfield development, subsidize infill

I recently ran across a terrific post on T. Caine's sustainability blog Intercon extolling climate change policy to get on the smart growth bandwagon. ... read more »