CNU-Cascadia Hosts "Envisioning Resilent Communities" Summit

CNU-Cascadia is pleased to be hosting their annual regional Summit, "Envisioning Resilient Communities," in Seattle March 15th – 17th. During the Summit, an additional special event titled "A Low-Carbon Neighborhoods Micro-Charrette," will be held on Thursday, March 15th. Please visit read more »

CNU Cascadia Chapter Holds Annual Summit

The CNU Cascadia Chapter held its annual summit on March 25-27, 2011 in Portland with the theme of "Sustainable Placemaking:  Creating Enduring and Resilient Cities."  The symposium and tours, which attracted over 60 attendees, composed the chapter’s first major event following its ... read more »

Where Transportation Engineers go to recover, reform and change the world: Streetsblog on CNU's Transportation Summit

There are precious few places where transportation engineers, planners, government officials and developers break out of their silos and actually cooperate in creating transportation systems that actu ... read more »

A "Radical" Idea Whose Time Has Come: Lehrer News Hour Explores Bringing Down Seattle's Alaskan Way Freeway

More and more Seattle residents are showing they are fed up with the domination of their potentially beautiful waterfront by a truck route. ... read more »