William Cronon

The Top Reasons to See William Cronon at CNU

  Next Wednesday, June 1, at 5:15pm, I’m headed to Madison to hear the speech of a lifetime.  I’m a geography geek and William Cronon is one of the high priests of my field. ... read more »

Spotlight Shines on William Cronon

As we reported here just a few days back, William Cronon - University of Wisconsin–Madison history professor, author of Nature's Metropolis, and ... read more »

William Cronon, CNU 19 Opening Plenary Speaker, Shapes the News

Alongside works such as Donald L. Miller's City of the Century and Bessie Louise Pierce's voluminous A History of Chicago, University of Wisconsin–Madison professor William Cronon's Nature's Metropolis is one of the definitive texts about the historical and natural forces behind the shaping of Chi... read more »

Who is ALEC? Professor William Cronon answers...

Who is ALEC? Professor William Cronon, featured speaker at this year's upcoming CNU 19, answers that question while breaking down the current political tides overwhelming Wisconsin. Register for CNU 19 now to secure your spot to hear Cronon speak in Madison! ... read more »