Videos from the 2012 CNU Transportation Summit

Were you unable to attend the 2012 CNU Transportation Summit? Watch video excerpts from the Jeffrey Tumlin (Nelson\Nygaard) and John Horsley (AASHTO) debate. Catch them all at: ... read more »

See the Trailer for First and Main's "CNU 20: Confessions/Dreams"

CNU 20 Trailer Confessions / Dreams from First+Main Media on Vimeo.... read more »

Video to get a sense of new urbanism projects

Any one know where I can find a video to send someone to get a sense of past projects. This is so someone can understand more of what I am talking about without having to travel. Thanks ... read more »

CNUXVI Video Perspectives: Ray Gindroz, Jennifer Hurley, Daniel Slone

Incoming CNU Board Chair Ray Gindroz talks about the path ahead for the Congress for the New Urbanism: ... read more »

Trailer for "Sprawling from Grace, Driven to Madness"

Check out the trailer for a new feature-length documentary film from EMotion Pictures. The film explores the negative impact of sprawl on the nation’s largest cities and the promise of transit-oriented development as an alternative. It includes conversations with Peter Calthorpe, Shelley Poticha, ... read more »

NU-Tube: Video for Santa Fe Project does a smart job introducing principles and sustainability benefits of New Urbanism

This video isn't your daddy's view of New Urbanism. But amid the quick cuts and other cool effects, it does a nice job of introducing viewers to New Urbanism. Just now breaking ground (and already so pre-sold that it's generating a long waiting list) Oshara appears to be an emerging exemplar of gree... read more »