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CNU is now on Twitter... or at least it should be. Follow "NewUrbanism" for the latest news from CNU and the latest views from the CNU Salons, CNU's group blog.

Twitterfeed should be sending all of our basic RSS feeds over there, but I'm still waiting to see them show up. In fact, when I hit "submit" for this posting, we'll see if it works. I was hoping it would automatically feed recent posts -- like John Norquist's great one on Not Just Fixing It First -- but this will be the first Salon posting since I established the Twitterfeed. It may only do the feeding on an as-you-post basis.

OK, drumroll please...


Yes, indeed the Twitter feed is working

See for yourself -

And here's the address to follow CNU on Facebook:

NextGen Twitter Account

For those of you interested in following the NextGen, we have also set up a twitter account at

Andrew Malone
Co-Chair CNU NextGen


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