The Live #cnu20 Twitter Feed

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Tufte, Twitter, and Chicago White Sox Slugger Adam Dunn: Friday Fun Stats

It's no secret that CNU'ers love to mine all sorts of data. And there is no greater prophet of visualizing data than Edward Tufte. It's also no secret that many members of the CNU Staff have an unyielding love of perhaps the best game ever to grace the planet - baseball. Particularly, the stylings ... read more »

Tally tells tale of most tweet-worthy at the CNU 2009 Transportation Summit

CNU's summits and Congresses pack a wealth of knowledge into what seems like a blink of an eye. A decade ago, participants clamored for handouts to retain ideas that might otherwise prove fleeting. ... read more »

Summit Tweet Archive

Thanks to some quick work by our friends at Reconnecting America (before the 8-day window for Twitter's search engine expired), you can view several days' worth of tweets from CNU's 2009 Transportatio ... read more »

Follow the CNU Transportation Summit on Twitter

Almost as fast as 2009 summit participants are sharing key insights and saying quotable things here in Portland, they're being broadcast by a fine group of obsevers on Twitter. ... read more »

Let's Tweet Up in Denver

If you haven't tried Twitter yet, CNU 17 may be the time to jump in and give it a try. ... read more »

Follow CNU News and Views on Twitter (as well as Facebook)

CNU is now on Twitter... or at least it should be. Follow "NewUrbanism" for the latest news from CNU and the latest views from the CNU Salons, CNU's group blog. ... read more »