Follow the CNU Transportation Summit on Twitter

Almost as fast as 2009 summit participants are sharing key insights and saying quotable things here in Portland, they're being broadcast by a fine group of obsevers on Twitter. If you're new to Twitter, this tracker will be an easy way to follow the latest action from the summit. But it's just the latest 20 postings or so. A longer record is found at Twitter's search engine, which also tracks this hashtag. But only for 8 days, after which tweets become unsearchable, so watch fast.

And thanks for the tweeting, @streetsblogsf, @reconnecting, @mlydon, @houstontomorrow, @newurbanism and others!


Follow it fast!

Twitter is great for following fast-unfolding conferences but it doesn't archive postings for longer than a week or two. So if a link looks interesting, click on it now. And look for more lasting archive materials from the conference from CNU in the coming weeks.


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