The Prince's Foundation "A Culture of Building" Summer School

The Prince's Foundation strives to teach and demonstrate sustainable development via community engagement all around the world. 

The foundation has announced "A Culture of Building" Summer School for this upcoming August. This crafts and architecture summer school uses real-world projects, applications, lectures, studios, and much more to teach students how traditional repair techniques can be applied in the 21st century. Students will learn from master craftspeople in iron, plaster, and masonry; architects, historic preservationists, and more will also be tutoring students throughout the three weeks. The first week is focused on learning drawing and structure exercises throughout the New Orleans and Mississippi River region. The second will highlight the traditional craftspeople, and the third week will use all new knowledge to design a building. The winning design will be built later in the year by the foundation's Building Craft Apprentices.

Students from architecture and planning are welcome to apply, as well as other experienced traditional craftspeople. If interested or for more information, contact Ann Daigle ( or visit 'Building Skill in New Orleans' for more information.


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