More Evidence that Urbanists Should Support School Choice

A recent article , "School Choice Programs: The Impacts on Housing Values" reviews literature relating to the impact of charter schools and various types of school choice programs on housing values. ... read more »

Will Any New Urbanist Development Occur Since The US Federal Reserve Transferred $15 Trillion USD To Private Banks In London?

At this point, most US citizens have figured out that there is serious issues and flaws occurring with financial institutions and markets in the United States and around the world.  The fact is that we now know that most of these issues in financial institutions are being intentionally manufact... read more »

What Does "Reeducation Internment" (Concentration) Camps Have To Do With Democracy And Development In the US?

Recently, documents have been leaked to the general public that outlines the Department Of Defense's (DOD) plan to build and operate "reeducation internment" camps for the purpose of "reeducating political dissidents" in the United States. read more »

Farmton, FL: A New Opportunity To Prove What Can Be Accomplished For the Environment Through New Urbanism / Regional Planning

Recently a New Urbanist community comprehensive plan has been proposed and found to be in compliance by the courts in Volusia County, Florida.  This New Urbanist community comprehensive plan rests on a tract of land called Farmton.  This tract of land has historically been agricultural lan... read more »

Student Leadership Chronicles: A life changing experience

After spending his childhood in an alienating homogeneous suburb, Evan Comen enrolled at the University of North Carolina. It is here that he realized that the “life-changing experience” that so many American universities promote stems from students sharing a communal space. He wondered why so m... read more »

Student Leadership Chronicles: SNU membership gives former member a leg up when interviewing!

STUDENT LEADER CHRONICLES profiles how a Students for the New Urbanism membership enhances leadership skills. The below post is a Student Leader Chronicles post on leadership and Students for the New Urbanism courtesy of CNU Program Intern Ryan Forst. ... read more »

The Prince's Foundation "A Culture of Building" Summer School

The Prince's Foundation strives to teach and demonstrate sustainable development via community engagement all around the world.  ... read more »

Focus on Sustainable Urbanism

Focus on Sustainable Urbanism will take place in Chicago August 6-15, 2012. The event will be put on by Farr Associates and the Foresight Design Initiative to educate graduate students and professionals about sustainable infrastructure, livable community design, smart growth, and the public realm. D... read more »

National Stakeholder Call on Nation Prevention Council Action Plan

Join interested citizens across the nation on Wednesday, June 13th to learn more about The National Prevention Council Action Plan. The plan, compiled by the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council, aims to shift the national focus to prevention and wellness via pulic, priva... read more »

Calling All Students!

After a successful Open Source session with students at CNU 20 in West Palm Beach, CNU student members and staff are working together to bring New Urbanism to your campus! Students for New Urbanism (SNU) are student chapters of CNU that help share the ideas and benefits of New Urbanis... read more »