Farmton, FL: A New Opportunity To Prove What Can Be Accomplished For the Environment Through New Urbanism / Regional Planning

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Recently a New Urbanist community comprehensive plan has been proposed and found to be in compliance by the courts in Volusia County, Florida.  This New Urbanist community comprehensive plan rests on a tract of land called Farmton.  This tract of land has historically been agricultural lands for the production of trees, especially pines.  It is also in an environmentally sensitive area.

 However, with what we have learned from past mistakes in development regarding the environment, those same mistakes can now be overcome with the knowledge that has been gained.  Through the use of compact New Urbanist development which will occupy less than 20% of the total land in the Farmton tract, and the use of preservation, conservation, biological corridors, and sustainable/organic agricultural lands (permaculture design), the area's sensitive environment and ecosystems can be minimally impacted, while residents enjoy a top-quality New Urbanist lifestyle in a walkable agricultural community.  This will be good not only for the environment, but also for the environmental education of residents of all ages; and this will in fact be the focus of the community's schools.  Ecotourism has the possibilty to flourish and generate income for the community.  Most of the food for the community can be grown organically in the agricultural lands in proximity to it, similar to as is done in the New Urbanist community Serenbe near Atlanta, Georgia.

I believe that what is being proposed for the Farmton community is the future of what community development will look like, not only in the United States, but also on the rest of the Earth.  If the proposed comprehensive plan for Farmton comes to fruition, I believe that it will be used as a model for the rest of humanity to build off of.  This is why I find this proposed project so interesting and intriguing.  If the majority of communities on Earth looked like what is being proposed for Farmton, the planet, the people, and the wildlife could all rest easier because the environment and ecosystems are being minimally impacted by humanity and our development.

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