What Does "Reeducation Internment" (Concentration) Camps Have To Do With Democracy And Development In the US?

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Recently, documents have been leaked to the general public that outlines the Department Of Defense's (DOD) plan to build and operate "reeducation internment" camps for the purpose of "reeducating political dissidents" in the United States.



So have all democratic principles been thrown out of the window in the United States?  With a currently less than 7% approval rating of Congress by US citizens, this would then mean that the Department Of Defense would have to send none less than 93% of the population of the US to these "reeducation internment" camps.  Good luck with that.  

This all actually harkens back to the times of Nazi occupied Germany, you know, the Holocaust.  What a terrible thing that happened there. I sure would not like to see that happen again, especially in "The Land Of The Free," the United States.  In fact, it appears to me that Congress and the Department Of Defense are going to need to be "reeducated" in Democratic processes and procedure, the US Constitution, and US law;  for surely it is not democratic, constitutional, or legal to round up US citizens and put them into concentration camps for "dissenting," or disagreeing with decisions that are being made by the US government.  Just because someone disagrees with the murder of innocent women and children does not even make that person a dissident, it makes that person right.

Take a look at this youtube clip of a training session for employees of these reeducation internment camps where the instructor calls the Founding Fathers of the United States the "original terrorists."-


What the instructor is saying in this youtube clip is what the "US government" wants to reeducate American citizens about- That the Founding Fathers were terrorists and that the US still belongs to the crown of Great Britain.

The US Army also admits that these documents were not supposed to be made public, and was a "Top Secret" operation, not to be known about by American citizens


The US Army is being trained by the Department Of Defense to carry aout these operations in theUnited States against American citizens through psyops organizations such as this one in Orlando, FL-


This is clearly not what a Democratic and "Free" society stands for, and every effort should be made by US citizens to make sure that these plans are not carried out, and that something of this nature never happens again.

Take a look at that gas chamber! Whew!


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