Peter Calthorpe

Peter Calthorpe highlights the "Keys to a Cool City" in PBS' Newshour

Watch Peter Calthorpe in this video excerpt from PBS' Newshour on urban strategies being used to mitigate climate change and urban heat island effects. ... read more »

Peter Calthorpe Adds His Voice to NYT's Room for Debate

CNU co-founder Peter Calthorpe joins the New York Times debate on making cities safer for pedesrtrians and cyclists: Click here to read "It Starts with Better Design."   ... read more »

Peter Calthorpe on "Why California needs high-speed rail"

CNU co-founder Peter Calthorpe writes of high-speed for California as "the investment we cannot afford not to make."  Read the whole post for the San Francisco Chronicle by clicking here. ... read more »

Cities' "Green Dividend" there for the taking (#CNU17)

The long-held idea that cities are an environmental bane is completely and utterly wrong. Cities are the key to reducing humanity’s contributions to global warming and land despoliation. ... read more »

CNU XVI – Lessons from Booming Regions

My aunt and uncle have lived in Austin for decades. I remember visiting them here once when I was 12, I think, but my memories of the physical city are nonexistent. ... read more »

CNU XV Day 3: Follow the Congress as It Happens

A busy Friday at the 15th annual CNU Congress was sandwiched between two popular plenary sessions. Peter Calthorpe’s evening presentation updated arguments for regional visioning. ... read more »

Session: The Other Illness

For many CNUers, the Congress is a time to rendezvous with like-minded people, inspire each other, catch up on news, and feel motivated by how much the New Urbanist movement has accomplished. ... read more »