High-speed rail

Peter Calthorpe on "Why California needs high-speed rail"

CNU co-founder Peter Calthorpe writes of high-speed for California as "the investment we cannot afford not to make."  Read the whole post for the San Francisco Chronicle by clicking here. ... read more »

Obama seeking to spend $53 Billion on High-Speed Rail

Joe Biden announced yesterday that the Obama administration is going to request $53 billion for high-speed rail over the next six years. Check out Time's article. ... read more »

Ed Glaeser Interview in Grist

Check out this excellent interview of Ed Glaeser in Grist magazine. In it, Glaeser discusses his new book, Triumph of the City." Interesting is his argument against the notion that the city is not where true AMerican ideals reside. ... read more »

Madison High-Speed Rail

Here is another excellent article in the Capitol Times about what Madison loses by having Wisconsin send back its $800 million for a rail link between Madison and Milwaukee. ... read more »

Ohio and Wisconsin Lose High-Speed Rail Money

Wisconsin and Ohio lost their combined $1.2 billion in stimulus dollars to make passenger rail improvements that were intended to eventually be part of the Midwest high-speed rail network. According to the New York Times, the funding will be rerouted to other states, primarily California and Florida... read more »

High Speed Rail

CNU believes high-quality intercity rail service is part of a complete transportation system, and is bemoaning the election setbacks for high-speed rail, notably in Wisconsin and Ohio. ... read more »

#CNU17 In Search of a Vision for High-Speed Rail

Here's a change New Urbanists can believe in: The new stimulus program gives 40 percent of the transportation money to rail, and only 60 percent to highways. This is a real shift ... read more »

Michael Moore says farewell to GM ... and cars?

In the wreckage of General Motors, Michael Moore senses salvation: The demise of GM as we’ve known it offers a tremendous opportunity to catch up to the rest of the world where high-speed passeng ... read more »

Obama: All aboard high-speed rail

Proving he is serious about (finally) developing high-speed rail in the United States, President Obama Thursday released his Vision ... read more »