CNU CITY SPOTLIGHT: Pedestrian Plaza in Jackson Heights, Queens

  This post is part of a new series on the CNU Salons, CITY SPOTLIGHT. City Spotlight shines a light on the latest news, developments and initiatives occurring in cities and towns where CNU members live and work. ... read more »

how walking became a crime

I just heard an amazing set of presentations by Eric Dumbaugh and  Peter Norton (author of a new book, Fighting Traffic). Dumbaugh begin with a statistical table listing causes of pedestrians being killed by cars; nearly every cause somehow showed pedestrians at fault (e.g. jaywalking, pedestr... read more »

Where's My Crosswalk?

This video asks Hollywood, CA, "Where's My Crosswalk?" (Thanks to StreetsblogLA for the video.) ... read more »

Peter Calthorpe Adds His Voice to NYT's Room for Debate

CNU co-founder Peter Calthorpe joins the New York Times debate on making cities safer for pedesrtrians and cyclists: Click here to read "It Starts with Better Design."   ... read more »

Raquel Nelson Granted New Trial

The path Nelson took from the bus stop on Austell Road to her apartment across the street. Image from T4America Update 08/04/2011: It has come to our attention that the Raquel Nelson Legal Defense Fund does not appear to be set up at present. Details will be updated as facts are found.... read more »

Stop Putting Pedestrians to Blame: The Case of Raquel Nelson

Update 07/26/2011: In a hearing room at Cobb County State Court today, Raquel Nelson was sentenced by a jury to 40 hours of community service and 12 months' probation in the vehicular manslaughter case against her. As outlined in the post below, Nelson is the mother of 4-year-old A.J. ... read more »

Complete Streets or Complete Networks?

The “complete streets” idea - the concept that streets need to be designed for all users, including pedestrians and cyclists as well as SUVS and fire trucks - has caught on well in recent years. Maybe it’s caught on too well, in fact. That was one of the messages in the NU 202 session on “Im... read more »

Jan Gehl on American Cities and Walkability

Fast Company recently posted a Q and A with Danish urban designer Jan Gehl. Mr. Gehl, the author of the book, "Life Between Buildings," as well as a new book titled "Cities for People," is an expert at building cities at a people-centered scale. ... read more »

New Urbanism: A Community Building, Economically Sensible, and Environmentally Conscious Solution

Isabell Cowles of the Huffington Post's Article entitled "Can New Urbanism Save America?" encapsulates ... read more »

From Master Plan to Specs: Sustainable Design in Detail

As planners, and advocates for healthier place making and urbanism, we often talk about the importance of scale. ... read more »