Are Wider Streets More Congested?

In a recent Planetizen blog post, Brett Toderian had an interesting insight: "When vehicles are moving, they take up much more space. The faster they move, the more separation distance and space between vehicles is needed."  This makes intuitive sense to me: when I am driving on a 20 mph stre... read more »

Streets are for Everyone: Involving Children in Tacoma’s Complete Streets Program

This is a guest blog post from two planning interns with The City of Tacoma, WA. They brought the concept of Complete Streets to local elementary students, and asked them to envision the kind of streets they want in their community. THE PROJECT What started as a project for two planning interns with... read more »

Calthorpe on Chinese urbanism

Peter Calthorpe spoke this morning on Chinese urbanism- the good and the bad. From a new urbanist perspective, the good includes density and transportation: Chinese cities tend to be more compact than ours, and the government seeks to limit car use to a 20% modal share (i.e. 20 percent of all trips... read more »

Open Streets on State Street

Thanks to the Chicago Loop Alliance and the Active Transportation Alliance,  that great street State St. is set to become a pedestrian paradise on Saturday, October 1st. All you need to bring is your feet! Read below for the full specs: *************************************** Open Streets on St... read more »

Madison Residents Fight for Narrower Streets

Check out Neighbors won fight for narrower Willy St. — now they want even more by Pat Schneider. ... read more »

Shop windows: an endangered species?

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post on my NRDC blog (‘Walkability 101-A’) drawing from Washington architect ... read more »

Grid is good: Keeping the faith with the classic street patterns

Grids are the urbanists' power tools, Lee Sobel told Friday afternoon's session on "The Great American Grid." They help build great places quickly. ... read more »

Taking it to the Street

Our studio was recently included in APA's Planning Magazine for our Field Trips and what we have learned from them. ... read more »

Virginia adopts innovative smart streets rules

Under the leadership of governor Tim Kaine, the Commonwealth of Virginia has adopted new requirements designed to make n ... read more »

Connected Streets and Emergency Response

While the environmental, social, and even ... read more »