James Howard Kunstler

KunstlerCast Book Publication Party on Nov 1 in Troy, NY

Did you miss CNU's Fireside Chat with Duncan Crary and James Howard Kunstler, as hosted by John Norquist? You can take a sneak peek listen to it now over at the KunstlerCast by clicking here. Gain full access to the Fireside Chat by becoming a CNU City-Builder member today. Align yourself with CNU a... read more »

James Howard Kunstler on Landscape Urbanism

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Kunstler's advice to Obama: Work with CNU to stimulate overlooked downtowns

Fresh off his appearance in the New Yorker as a guide to the future — he'd argue near future — dislocations of the post-peak-oil landscape, Jim ... read more »

Kunstler vs. Colbert: An Energy Throwdown for the Ages?

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Top Suburban Sprawl Critic Launches Podcast

James Howard Kunstler, Author of "The Geography of Nowhere", Features Weekly on Talk Show TROY, N.Y. -- One of the world's loudest and funniest critics of suburban sprawl is now podcasting. ... read more »