Where Republicans Carried The City Vote

Today's New York Times has an interesting graphic showing the precinct-by-precinct vote in this year's Presidential election.  Although Republican nominee Mitt Romney did very poorly in Manhattan and in most of New York City, he carried numerous outer borough precincts.  ... read more »

The Real Swing Voters

My sense is that the conventional political wisdom is that urban voters are Democrats, rural voters are Republicans and suburbanites are in the middle. ... read more »

Obama Administration Releases 2013 Budget, Protects Partnership for Sustainable Communities

The Obama Administration has released its budget for the fiscal year 2013, which includes full funding for the Partnership for Sustainable Communities.  The Partnership is a collaboration among the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Transportation, and the Environme... read more »

"Why Al Gore Is Off Base Criticizing President Obama as Timid" - John Norquist Contributes Op-Ed to US News and World Report

In an exclusive piece for US News and World Report, John Norquist questions Al Gore's recent criticisms against President Obama's environmental policies. Read it now.   ... read more »

Obama seeking to spend $53 Billion on High-Speed Rail

Joe Biden announced yesterday that the Obama administration is going to request $53 billion for high-speed rail over the next six years. Check out Time's article. ... read more »

An impressive month for the federal sustainability partnership

In a breathtaking series of press conferences and releases as well as a major report, the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities, which is led by EPA, HUD, and the Department of Transportation, have rolled out coordinated, multiple announcements of federal assistance to an impressive and wi... read more »

Norquist Op-Ed: Fund real main streets — not highways — with the "Jobs for Main Streets" bill

The rollout of Congress' latest stimulus bill has been all about "Jobs for Main Street." That's a great message, argues CNU President John Norquist in a timely ... read more »

Urbanist in Chief is shaping the nation's policy, CNU's Norquist tells Washington Post

Today's Washington Post has a round-up of President Obama's efforts to make sure cities and ... read more »