LEED-ND Required in 2012 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants

In late February, the the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced their FY2012 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants program. Nearly $5 million dollars are available to support comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plans focused on three core goals: housing, people and neighbor... read more »

A Citizen’s Guide to LEED-for Neighborhood Development

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A One Stop Shop for Sustainability?

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Buy This Book at CNU 18 - Have Your Library Purchase It Too!

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How could CNU be a more supportive community?

In honor of Labor Day, the Social Justice Minister for First Unitarian of Portland* had three people tell their stories about how this time of transition has affected them and how they’ve been handl ... read more »

Summit study shows safer cities have more tightly networked streets

While much of the discussion of sustainability focuses on global issues like climate and resources, Norman Garrick and Wesley Marshall have focused recent resear ... read more »