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What is Open Source Technology?

What is the simplest way to share an idea: Open Source. The Congress for the New Urbanism’s National Conference is hosting a venue for Open Source Technology.

The Inspiration of the Open Source Congress at CNU 19: A guest post by Edward Erfurt

This blog post is dedicated to introducing you to Open Source, so you will be inspired to bring a topic to Madison. CNU 19 is hosting an en masse Open Source Congress. Bring your thoughts and topics to discuss with other urbanists from across the globe. 

The Gourds

Last night one of my favorite bands graced us with their music at the CNU Dinner.

SNU Congress I

To anyone interested in the first Students for New Urbanism Conference:

This post is to notify you about the first Students for New Urbanism Congress
to be held this October at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

Florida Regional Planning

During the Florida CNU, a lengthy discussion was started on the issues that we face with regional planning in Florida. The regional planning process in Florida is very complicated, and many times the vision is never developed beyond policy. Regional Planning Councils around the State are working hard to develop plans, private developers are creating plans, and local municipalities are creating visions for their growth. All of these plans includes visions and policies that over lap city and county boundaries. Many of these policies are never illustrated, and the vision is left to the imagination of the next planning session. Amazingly enough, when a plan is drawn, these plans are rarely placed on a State wide map with adjoining regional and city plans, or compared to regional transportation or water management needs.