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Town Centers are the New Death Panels

New urbanism is getting the attention and ire of tea partiers, at least according to this recent article in Grist. Apparently development that saves on public resources is somehow anti-American. New urbanism - it just performs better.

CEOs for Cities Critiques Texas Transportation Institute's Urban Mobility Report

Driven Apart, an excellent analysis by Joe Cortright and CEOs for Cities takes a fresh look at the annual Urban Mobility Report released by the Texas Transportation Institute.

Smart Growth vs. Intelligent Cities - What's the Difference!?

Planetizen has an interesting post by Brent Toderain, Director of City Planning in Vancouver, British Columbia, about smart growth, intelligent cities and everything in between. Thoughtful.

Eat Your Neighborhood

Here is an interesting article called Eat Your Subdivision from our friends at Landscape Architecture magazine.

Ed Glaeser Interview in Grist

Check out this excellent interview of Ed Glaeser in Grist magazine. In it, Glaeser discusses his new book, Triumph of the City." Interesting is his argument against the notion that the city is not where true AMerican ideals reside.

This Week's Citiwire - The Future of the Strip: Downhill

This week's Citiwire includes an article entitled "The Future of the Strip: Downhill" by Edward McMahon, senior fellow at ULI. It is a fascinating look at the future of commercial and retail development in this country. Citiwire is a weekly publication of the Citistates Group.

Kaid Benfield's Switchboard Covers Anti-Transit TOD

In a recent post at the NRDC Switchboard, Kaid Benfield discusses the travesty of a well-planned community rejecting transit. At King Farm in suburban D.C., an award-winning new urbanism master planned community has been created over the years, complete with all the bells and whistles.

James Howard Kunstler on Landscape Urbanism

James Howard Kunstler published the following in Orion Magazine:

New Urbanism vs. Landscape Urbanism Smackdown in the Boston Globe

A recent article in the Boston Globe does a good job of describing the wedge created between New Urbanists and Landscape Urbanists. Is all this necessary?

Big Dig West May Be Stuck in the Muck

It is time for WSDOT to reconsider the $3.1 billion bored hole tunnel that is slated to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct.