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Neighbors in Los Angeles Advocate for Better Urban Design for Proposed Grocery Store

Local residents are fighting a proposed grocery store design along a pedestrian district of Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles.

LEED-ND and Affordable Neighborhoods

Click here to read a recent post by Kaid Benfield about planning for affordable housing and LEED-ND communities. The NRDC's Affordable Green Neighborhoods grant is an innovative way to combine good design with affordable housing.

Confessions of a Recovering Engineer

Take a moment to read Confessions of a Recovering Engineer here at the Strong Towns Blog. Good reading for anyone trying to sway opinion on road widths, speeds and other standards.

John Norquist in Australia

John Norquist recently traveled to Australia, and was featured prominently in this Sydney Morning Herald article about good and bad congestion and urban development.

High Speed Rail

CNU believes high-quality intercity rail service is part of a complete transportation system, and is bemoaning the election setbacks for high-speed rail, notably in Wisconsin and Ohio.

Urban Stormwater

A recent article in The Economist looks at efforts in New York City to mitigate stormwater runoff and flooding without relying entirely on pipes and tunnels.