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CNU Members Receive Free Passes to HANNOVE MESSE 2011- Metropolitan Solutions: Innovations for Urban Infrastructure, April 4 – 8

Attention all CNU Members!

Thinking about a visit to Germany this April? Here's your chance:

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Shuts Down Gateway 1 Project

In news from Maine this week, recently inaugurated Republican Gov. Paul LePage has issued a directive to shut down the regional development plan known as Gateway 1.

The Nature of Cities

Cities are often derided as places of congestion, crowds and concrete. The truth is that within each of those elements reside dynamism, diversity and design. The nature of cities is to blend different environments, ideas and peoples to produce a mixture of places for exchange and interaction.

Chicago Unveils Bike 2015 Plan

Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley is making designs to hand off the mayoral baton to Rahm Emanuel...via bicycle relay race. Yesterday saw the release of Chicago's Bike 2015 Plan, a comprehensive program aimed towards improving cyclist safety and expanding Chicago's bicycling infrastructure.