Will Any New Urbanist Development Occur Since The US Federal Reserve Transferred $15 Trillion USD To Private Banks In London?

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At this point, most US citizens have figured out that there is serious issues and flaws occurring with financial institutions and markets in the United States and around the world.  The fact is that we now know that most of these issues in financial institutions are being intentionally manufactured by a group of extremely wealthy elitists from around the world, but primarily residing in the UK and US.  The Federal Reserve, US Federal Government, and CEOs for the largest banking institutions in the US have basically been working for and taking orders from this group of extremely wealthy elitists primarily in the UK, and this has caused some serious problems for world markets and everybody else on the planet to say the least.

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But this one takes the cake I do believe- the US Federal Reserve (the institution in the US tasked with keeping financial markets running smoothly and essentially the printers of US paper currency) has been caught red-handed transferring $15 trillion US dollars (not backed by any gold, precious metals, oil, or any other valuable commodity) to the private banking institutions of HSBC and RBS banks in London, UK.  To put this figure of $15 trillion into perspective, this is roughly the equivalent of the total current national debt of the US, or roughly equivalent to the total annual GDP of the US.  

Basically, since almost all of the gold that once was contained in vaults of the Federal Reserve that was backing the US dollar and allowing paper currency to have value has been sold off to other countries, this would then mean that essentially all of the wealth that the US once posessed has now officially been sent overseas intentionally by people in the US.  This goes for other country's gold that was being stored in Federal Reserve vaults also....


These actions are treason on the highest order directly according to US Constitutional as well as International Law, and should be prosecuted accordingly.

Have a look at the receipts of the three separate transaction of $5 trillion each that were made by Ben Bernanke and Timothy Gheithner, and intercepted by UK Intelligence agencies here (scroll down page half-way):


Basically, what you are looking at in this link means that there will probably not be much New Urbanist development, or any other kind of progress or development being made in the US until the US gets it's money and precious metals back.

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