Will Any New Urbanist Development Occur Since The US Federal Reserve Transferred $15 Trillion USD To Private Banks In London?

At this point, most US citizens have figured out that there is serious issues and flaws occurring with financial institutions and markets in the United States and around the world.  The fact is that we now know that most of these issues in financial institutions are being intentionally manufact... read more »

Bank Of America Receives Another Federal Bailout!

As if American citizens weren't already completely awed and angry enought at the big banks and the corporate greed, recently released court documents have revealed that the Federal Reserve of New York decided to hand the Bank Of America another "secret" handout bailout in July, 2012, in spite of the... read more »

What Does the LIBOR Banking Scandal Mean For New Urbanism?

Recently a fraudulent banking scandal was brought to light known as the LIBOR scandal. LIBOR stands for London Inter-Bank Offer Rate.  This fraudulent banking scandal has rocked the whole world's financial system, and could very well be the root cause of the economic downturns experienced by th... read more »

Putting a lid on the Downtown Connector at the Urban Labs luncheon

Talk about power lunching. At yesterday's Urban Labs lunch, at St. Luke's Church, a few minutes' walk from the Hilton, those of us at Table 1-A finished off our box lunches and then within about an hour sketched out a possible solution to a vexing problem of downtown Atlanta - the Downtown Connector... read more »

New Urbanists' Competitive Advantage in a Tough Market

A lot of dark clouds hang over the real estate market right now. But for astute New Urbanists, there's an abundance of silver linings too. ... read more »