Playa Coronado, Panama: The Perfect Place For A New Urbanist Community?

There are several characteristics of the town of Playa Coronado, Panama that I noticed while I was there, that may make it the perfect place for a walkable mixed-use New Urbanist community.   The first and most obvious reason, in my opinion, is the gorgeous white and black sand beach. Notice ho... read more »

What Will Be the Fate of the Playa San Carlos, Panama?

Recently I visited and spoke to several of the local people that work in and/or are involved in the development, engineering, and architecture of Playa San Carlos, Panama.  The Playa San Carlos is one of the most unique and beautiful tropical beaches I have ever witnessed personally.  In t... read more »

ArtPlace Launches New Grants for 2013

From our friends at Artplace: Creative placemaking is getting another boost today, as ArtPlace launches its third round of grant applications to support creative placemaking in communities across America. ... read more »

Stephen Coyle's Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions, the first book from Town Green-founder Stephen Coyle, is a hands-on, sleeves-up text that provides explicit prescriptions for how to fundamentally create the foundations for successful places... read more »

Putting a lid on the Downtown Connector at the Urban Labs luncheon

Talk about power lunching. At yesterday's Urban Labs lunch, at St. Luke's Church, a few minutes' walk from the Hilton, those of us at Table 1-A finished off our box lunches and then within about an hour sketched out a possible solution to a vexing problem of downtown Atlanta - the Downtown Connector... read more »

#CNU17 What I Learned at the Meta-Physical Planning Meeting

Architecture is not psychotherapy! That was one of the first points made during the CNU17 session on "Meta-Physical Planning: the World We Want." But the people who took part quickly got into issues of intimacy and spirituality, of masculinity and femininity. But then the conversation moved to the q... read more »

Putting Traffic in Its Place: Using the ITE/CNU Design Manual

Now comes the hard part. Putting the new ITE/CNU manual into practice is where--forgive me--the rubber hits the road. ... read more »