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Photo Blog: New Faubourg Lafitte in New Orleans

In 2012, Urban Design Associates (UDA) was awarded a Charter Award for their project The New Faubourg Lafitte in New Orleans. The project is a redevelopment and rehabilititaiton of a 27-acre superblock public housing that had been badly damaged by hurricane Katrina. CNU praised the collaboration wit... read more »

Charter Award Winners Gaining National Coverage

Since the Charter Awards were announced last week, the project winners have gained nation-wide attention. ... read more »

The Delicious Omelette of Urbanism: Incisive Post at Planetizen

Planetizen managing editor Tim Halbur posted some words of wisdom at that site last week in response to a Kunstlercast in which Jim Kunstler's co-ho ... read more »

Charter Awards Jury Meets in Miami

This January, the jury for 2008's CNU Charter Awards met in beautiful Miami, Florida, to judge entries and ultimately award the brightest and best of this year's projects. ... read more »

Charter Awardees take honors

Some photos from the 2007 Charter Awards ceremony on Friday. ... read more »

2007 Charter Awards Jury Meets in Pasadena

The 2007 Charter Awards were judged this February in scenic Pasadena, California. Amid beautiful surroundings, the jury got to work discussing and debating the entries for the awards. ... read more »