CNU 20

Photo Blog: New Faubourg Lafitte in New Orleans

In 2012, Urban Design Associates (UDA) was awarded a Charter Award for their project The New Faubourg Lafitte in New Orleans. The project is a redevelopment and rehabilititaiton of a 27-acre superblock public housing that had been badly damaged by hurricane Katrina. CNU praised the collaboration wit... read more »

Making CNU 21 more accessible

I recently ran across one of the CNU 20 panels on Youtube.  As useful as it was, I'm not sure how many hours I want to spend in front of a computer screen trying to keep my attention on a video presentation.  I started to wonder: is there a way for people to access CNU panels without spend... read more »

Congress Review: Rainwater Speed Presentation Night

Here's a recap of the Rainwater-in-Context Speed Presentation at CNU 20. CNU members cruised through a variety of topics in our Rainwater-in-Context initiative in in just over an hour. New urbanists discuss how to capture and better utilize one of our important natural resource.   Present... read more »

Watch Richard Florida's CNU 20 Friday Night Plenary

... read more »

What's your balloon story?

What's your balloon story? Share your CNU 20 Open Source Congress ideas now. ... read more »

Voting Closes at Noon Sharp for CNU Board Elections

Voting for the first-ever CNU Board Elections closes today sharply at Noon. To vote, follow the instructions below: 1. Login to your account at 2. Meet the Candidates by clicking here. 3. Cast your vote at This is your Congress. Vo... read more »

WATCH Live: Looking Forward: New Urbanism and the New World

As we enter CNU's third decade, economic, political, and environmental conditions pose serious challenges for the built and natural environment, as well as New Urbanist practice. Andres Duany will present the 21st century crises that call for New Urbanists to adapt, including slow development, the p... read more »

The Live #cnu20 Twitter Feed

The Live #CNU 20 Twitter Feed new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'search', search: '#cnu20', interval: 30000, title: 'CNU 20: The New World', subject: 'Live from CNU 20!', width: 500, height: 250, theme: { shell: { background: '#8ec1da', color: '#ffffff' }, ... read more »

Looking to Share Hotel Space at CNU 20?

Looking to share a room at CNU 20? See the below note from an attendee and get in touch if interested: ... read more »

CNU 20: Urban Freeways - Devastation and Opportunity

Now more than ever, urban freeway removal projects are gaining support from both the public and their elected leaders. CNU's bi-annual Freeways Without Futures report showcases just a handful of the many replacement opportunities across North America. We'll take some time at CNU 20 to talk more abou... read more »