Rainwater-in-Context: An Interview with Paul Crabtree and Lisa Nisenson

CNU’s Erika Strauss recently interviewed Paul Crabtree and Lisa Nisenson, leaders of CNU’s Rainwater-in-Context Initiative, to catch up after CNU21 and hear what they have to say about the recent developments in the delayed EPA stormwater regulations.   Erika Strauss (ES): I know you’ve b... read more »

Applications for 2012 EPA National Award for Smart Growth Achievement

Announcment from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Sustainable Communities:    ... read more »

The EPA Smart Growth Awards

The EPA announced the winners of the 2011 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement today, and CNU's fingerprints left a heavy imprint this year. Congrats to CNU Board Chair Victor Dover and Dover-Kohl Partners for recognition of their work on Plan El Paso, and to CNU Board Member Doug Farr for hi... read more »

Rainwater-In-Context Initiative Members Published in Stormwater Magazine

CNU members and contributors to the Rainwater-In-Context Initiative, Jim Dumont and Kim Stephens have just been published in the most recent issue of Stormwater Magazine. Their article, “Rainwater Management in a Watershed Context” is a thoughtful review of the divergent goals of rainwater manag... read more »

House Appropriations Committee Votes to Cut Smart Growth Funding

  The following comes direct from the Smart Growth America blog, in response to legislation just passed by the House Appropriations Committee: ... read more »

Two-Stepping with the Feds on Earth Day

As noted on the CNU Facebook page earlier this week, the one-step-forwards-one-step-back dance with the Feds continues. Last Friday, one foot was put forward when news emerged that HUD’s Sustainable Communities Initiative would retain $100 million in the final CR for FY2011. Included in the budget... read more »

An impressive month for the federal sustainability partnership

In a breathtaking series of press conferences and releases as well as a major report, the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities, which is led by EPA, HUD, and the Department of Transportation, have rolled out coordinated, multiple announcements of federal assistance to an impressive and wi... read more »

The Sustainable Communities Initiative

The Sustainable Communities Initiative View article with images, formatting, links and comments at http://blog.sustainableindustries.com/category/built-environment/ MaryVogel | July 21, 2010 ... read more »

CNU18: “Advancing Federal Policy and the Sustainable Communities Partnership”

At a panel discussion on “Advancing Federal Policy and the Sustainable Communities Partnership” at CNU18 in Atlanta, federal officials observed that $3 billion in competitive federal grants “in ... read more »

EPA grant is now official

I'm pleased to say that the U.S. ... read more »