The Impending Conflict over the Oklahoma City Boulevard Represents a Cultural Paradigm Shift

The impending conflict over the Oklahoma City Boulevard is far-reaching both in terms of cause and consequence.  When Steve Lackmeyer, in his coverage of the Boulevard in the Oklahoman, makes reference to “cars vs. people’, he is referencing the growing realization among Oklahoma City citiz... read more »

LEARN: Re-Imagining Claiborne Avenue

On March 21, Jacky Grimshaw of Chicago's Center for Neighborhood Technology and Jeff Tumlin of San Francisco's Nelson/Nygaard firm discussed how an urban freeway removal project may influence equity and access issues along Claiborne Avenue. Grimshaw's focus on community organizing principles learned... read more »

Local Street Networks and the Future of Claiborne Avenue

Join the Claiborne Corridor Improvement Coalition for a discussion on the future of Claiborne Avenue on December 6 at 6 p.m. at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Center. Local experts in community development, planning, transportation and architecture will present research and ref... read more »