against "sustainability" (the word, not the policy)

(cross-posted with my personal blog) Literally (i.e. in normal, non-jargon English) “sustainable” means that it is capable of being sustained over time, whether it is good or bad. But in environmentalist jargon, “sustainable” means “environmentally friendly” or “non-polluting.” ... read more »

Amory Lovins gets all optimistic

One would expect that scientist Amory Lovins would be pretty discouraged considering the stall of the Kyoto Accords and the failure of Congress to address climate change. Depressed he's not. In the March-April edition of Foreign Affairs, Lovins happily points to data that must have the oil rich Koch... read more »

A Green River is a Green River

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is marching forward with designs to revitalize the Chicago River for recreational use. As he does, the mayor can look towards other cities worldwide who have undertaken their own river reclamation projects and apply their lessons here. The main question Emanuel needs to be... read more »

Garden Cities: Theory & Practice of Agrarian Urbanism - Book Review

One of the more familiar tenets of the New Urbanist development paradigm is the use of compact development patterns which utilize high densities as a means to contain suburban development in order to preserve the pastoral and idyllic conditions often destroyed by sprawl. Within this scheme, New Urba... read more »

Sustainable and Resilient Communities - Book Review

Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions (Wiley Series in Sustainable Design) by Stephen Coyle ... read more »

"If we built cities differently, would people drive less?"

UC-Irvine Professor of Planning, Policy and Design Marlon Boarnet asks the question: "If we built cities differently, would people drive less? ... read more »

Cool Planning: LEED-ND in Plain English

In giving some advice on LEED-ND on Pro-Urb, John Anderson once wrote "LEED-ND is a reasonable (but in my view excruciating) way to go."  He suggested other paths to get to a similar place with "less brain damage." ... read more »

Bill McKibben Speaks at Power Shift 2011

The good folks at e350.org have shared the following video from environmentalist Bill McKibben, speaking at the recent Power Shift 2011conference in Washington D.C. Enjoy highlights such as "The radicals are the people are the people who are fundamentally altering the composition of the atmosphere. ... read more »

Vibrant Cities, Urban Forests

When most people hear the phrase "urban forest," images of places like New York's Central Park or San Francisco's Golden Gate Park come to mind. Those great green places are indeed part of the urban forest fabric, but equally important to a city is the way it treats its everyday spaces with green in... read more »

Making the Case for Urban Agriculture

The following article is a contribution from K. Rashid Nuri, the founder of the Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture in Atlanta. ... read more »