The Nature of Cities

Cities are often derided as places of congestion, crowds and concrete. The truth is that within each of those elements reside dynamism, diversity and design. The nature of cities is to blend different environments, ideas and peoples to produce a mixture of places for exchange and interaction. ... read more »

LEED-ND Bicycle Network and Storage Credit: A Few Recommendations

With LEED-ND and other LEED rating systems open for public comment until January 14, 2011, CNU asked me to evaluate the current Bicycle Network and Storage credit (Smart Location and Linkage Credit 4), and to recommend improvements to the existing language.   ... read more »

Urban Stormwater

A recent article in The Economist looks at efforts in New York City to mitigate stormwater runoff and flooding without relying entirely on pipes and tunnels. ... read more »

Prop 23 Rejected

California voters rejected Prop 23. The oil and gas industry dumped millions into the pro 23 campaign, but California's citizens saw through the ads and voted overwhelmingly against the Proposition. CNU co founder Peter Calthorpe was part of a bi partisan coalition against Prop 23. ... read more »

Stop Proposition 23

There is a proposition on the California ballot that, if passed, will essentially repeal California’s strongest environmental protection law designed to decrease auto dependency and reduce greenhouse gasses This initiative, known as proposition 23, threatens a body of law enacted over the last few... read more »

Rail and District Energy: Streets Paved in Better Than Gold

I'd like to get your opinion:  Could use of district energy for heating and cooling help to allow better urban design by increasing value in core area buildings (where it works best)?  District energy was a hot topic at Portland's second annual EcoDistricts Summit Oct 25-27, 2010. ... read more »

An impressive month for the federal sustainability partnership

In a breathtaking series of press conferences and releases as well as a major report, the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities, which is led by EPA, HUD, and the Department of Transportation, have rolled out coordinated, multiple announcements of federal assistance to an impressive and wi... read more »

We're losing an acre of farmland every minute, but smart growth may be slowing the rate

41 million acres of rural land has been permanently lost in the last 25 years to highways, shopping malls, poorly planned sprawl and other development, according to ... read more »

Beyond Green Buildings

In a recent article on CNN.com, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Randolph Croxton, and Tuomas Toivonen talk about the importance of thinking beyond building "green" buildings. ... read more »