New Urbanism

Town Centers are the New Death Panels

New urbanism is getting the attention and ire of tea partiers, at least according to this recent article in Grist. Apparently development that saves on public resources is somehow anti-American. New urbanism - it just performs better. ... read more »

New Urbanism vs. Landscape Urbanism Smackdown in the Boston Globe

A recent article in the Boston Globe does a good job of describing the wedge created between New Urbanists and Landscape Urbanists. Is all this necessary? ... read more »

South Begins to Embrace New Urbanism

Waco, Texas, is among many southern cities recently embracing the tenants of new urbanism. For the last fifty plus years, Waco has been without a thriving downtown. However, Waco is now looking to reinvest in the heart of the city. ... read more »

Happy New Year from CNU

... read more »

Summit Tweet Archive

Thanks to some quick work by our friends at Reconnecting America (before the 8-day window for Twitter's search engine expired), you can view several days' worth of tweets from CNU's 2009 Transportatio ... read more »

New Urbanism and Traffic Congestion Relief

Recently I made a presentation on the "Future of Far Suburbs" to a Chicago metro-edge community. ... read more »

Follow CNU News and Views on Twitter (as well as Facebook)

CNU is now on Twitter... or at least it should be. Follow "NewUrbanism" for the latest news from CNU and the latest views from the CNU Salons, CNU's group blog. ... read more »

American Chambers of Commerce: Sustainable Economic Development

In an article recently published in the ACCE Journal, Scott Polikov approaches the idea of how to achieve sustainable development and what it means for chamber executives who are working to increase t ... read more »

Robert Campbell in Boston Globe on Prince Charles and new Scottish project

Robert Campbell of the Boston Globe writes about Knockroon, the planned new project of Prince Charles and the Prince's Foundation, in southwest Scotland's economically depressed region of East Ayrshir ... read more »

Doug Farr, 2030 Challenge

At the final CNU XVI plenary, Chicago architect/planner Doug Farr introduced the 2030 Challenge. ... read more »