Raquel Nelson Granted New Trial

The path Nelson took from the bus stop on Austell Road to her apartment across the street. Image from T4America Update 08/04/2011: It has come to our attention that the Raquel Nelson Legal Defense Fund does not appear to be set up at present. Details will be updated as facts are found.... read more »

Deadline Extended for AuthentiCITY: The Madison Design Competition!

Good news regarding the AuthentiCITY competition: ... read more »

New Edition of Dunham-Jones and Williamson's Retrofitting Suburbia Available; More Relevant than Ever

When Ellen Dunham-Jones and June Williamson's Retrofitting Suburbia first appeared in 2009, the book seemed eerily prescient for a country still teetering on the economic edge and wondering what its landscape would look like upon waking. ... read more »

Saving Lives Through Good Street Design

Last week's post from Ben Schulman, "Roads Aren't the Problem. ... read more »

Roads Aren't the Problem. It's Hidden Cost and Design.

Let's get certain things out of the way. As much as it may pain some to hear, roads are not the problem. Some esteemed writers have even posited that "yes, we do need to build more roads." It's a loaded statement, out-of-vogue in current urbanist circles, no matter what type of data may back up ... read more »

Rethinking Housing for a New Economy

Will the recent economic crisis fundamentally change the way Americans view housing? New Urbanists are betting that it will – and are seizing the opportunity to direct the conversation towards the benefits of smaller, more sustainable housing. ... read more »

Buy This Book at CNU 18 - Have Your Library Purchase It Too!

Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature by Douglas Farr ... read more »

CNU members cause Twitter Sensation

Congratulations to CNU members — and CNU too — who helped make New Urbanism one of the leading source of urban tweets in 2009. ... read more »