Development & Implementation

LEED-ND Bicycle Network and Storage Credit: A Few Recommendations

With LEED-ND and other LEED rating systems open for public comment until January 14, 2011, CNU asked me to evaluate the current Bicycle Network and Storage credit (Smart Location and Linkage Credit 4), and to recommend improvements to the existing language.   ... read more »

Managing EcoDistricts

Managing Ecodistricts by Mary Vogel for Sustainable Industries ... read more »

Capturing Sprawl

A recent article featured on's home page shows pictures taken by Christoph Gielen, a German photographer, of sprawl in America. He says that "sprawl is a really careless use of new land. I want people who look at my photos to start a reconsideration of how they live through art." These imag... read more »

ULI Emerging Trends - Oct 28, 2010 - Portland, OR report and commentary

One of the benefits of writing for Sustainable Industries is that I am able to take advantage of complimentary media passes.  I did that at two events in Portland this past week:  EcoDistricts and Emerging Trends.  I'm reporting on the latter below. . . ... read more »

The Future of Suburbia Lies in Retrofit

Richard Florida recently wrote an article published in the Wall Street Journal titled "How SoHo Can Save the Suburbs." His point is two-fold: that hip places attract people, and that dense, mixed-use environments is what is hip. ... read more »

PRETROFIT: British fast-foodie chain's Chicago locale reminds us that retrofits need not be suburban

After blitzing New York City and dipping a toe into Washington, DC, Britain's trendy quick-serve foodie chain, Pret A Manger, has opened its first shop west of the Potomoc — in Chicago's Loop. ... read more »

Peter Calthorpe on Smart Neighborhood-Building

Peter Calthorpe was one of my early inspirations for getting into this field.  I read Peter's work in the mid-1990s, and,as an advocate for a major national environmental organization, I felt for the first time that I had a positive ... read more »

Sign the petition to save New Orleans' Charity Hospital

The City of New Orleans is grappling with what to do with Charity Hospital. The proposed LSU/VA medical complex would permanently abandon Charity Hospital, leaving one of the most beautiful buildings in the city to sit blighted with no plans for reuse.... read more »

Do you Digg CNU?

Digg, the popular news website, has just completed a redesign that promises to change the way we get our news. In the past users would submit news articles to Digg and other users would be able to vote on those articles if they liked them. ... read more »

The Sustainable Communities Initiative

The Sustainable Communities Initiative View article with images, formatting, links and comments at MaryVogel | July 21, 2010 ... read more »