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"Planning in America: Perceptions and Priorities"

"Not only do Americans strongly believe community planning is critical to jump starting our nation's economy, but a majority want to be personally involved with community planning efforts, whether they live in a city, a suburb, a small town, or rural America," says APA Chief Executive Officer Paul Farmer, FAICP, in a press release issued today for the release of the report, "Planning in America: Perceptions and Priorities."

The Conservative Case for Cities

Citing conservative writer James Bacon's appearance at CNU 20, the Wall Street Journal asks readers to respond to the question, "Do you think there’s anything inherently conservative or liberal about living in cities or walkable neighborhoods?"

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Can 'New Urbanism' Bring Health to Your Neighborhood?

"'s about living amid convenient goods and services and the intangible spirit of a vibrant community. At the forefront of the movement is the Congress for New Urbanism, a nonprofit organization that promotes restoring cities and reworking suburbs into walkable and sustainable communities. But the desire for these places is largely driven by two burgeoning populations—Millenials and baby boomers."

CNU Named to Top 20 International Urban Planning Websites: Giants of Urban Planning,

CNU is honored to be included on the list of "Top 20 International Urban Planning Websites: Giants of Urban Planning," as judged by Global Site Plans.

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Attention CNU members in Connecticut; Illinois; Maryland; 

Listen Live to John Norquist on Chicago Public Radio's "848"!

Listen to the archive of Norquist's appearance here.


Listen live to CNU's John Norquist, appearing on Chicago Public Radio's "848" morning program, as he speaks alongside Brookings' Chris Leinberger on the demographic desire and strong economic performance of walkable, urban areas.

Eric Dumbaugh's "Rethinking the Economics of Traffic Congestion"

Florida Atlantic University professor Eric Dumbaugh makes yet another case for congestion in this piece for The Atlantic Cities, "Rethinking the Economics of Traffic Congestion."

How does finance shape urban form?

"Increasingly, federal officials are realizing the deleterious effects of these.

National Dialogue on Improving Transportation Performance

Calling CNU Project for Transportation Reformers!

Have an idea to contribute to the National Dialogue on Improving Transportation Performance?

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Joel Kotkin's New Geography Celebrates CNU 20

Winter Park, FL author Richard Reep, a writer for Joel Kotkin's New Geography website, came to CNU 20 to critically examine the "excellent accomplishments of CNU20 attendees: a credible car/pedestrian strategy, some fine looking new communities, and perhaps best of all, a body of hard-won knowledge about town-making for citizen education"