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Eye on the Street: Tuesday, December 27th, 2011


Bikes & Light Rail, Valencia, Spain by Ben Patience.





Eye on the Street: Thursday, December 15th, 2011.


Sixth Street, Downtown L.A. by Art Cueto.





Making the Case for Congestion in The Atlantic Cities

John Norquist makes "The Case for Congestion" in this piece for The Atlantic Cities.


Comments Needed: Planning Accreditation Board Revised Criteria Pending


The Chicago-based Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) is the organization that sets the standards for academic institutions that teach planning. PAB recently released a draft of their revised standards for comment, the deadline for such being next Thursday, December 15th. 

10K Strong!

A tremendous thank you goes out to all of our #Twitter followers, an army that is now over 10,000+ strong!

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Reverse Effect: Jeanne Gang on the Chicago River

Jeanne Gang is most commonly associated with the landmark 82-story Aqua building on Chicago's "New East Side." The undulating tower mirrors the river it shadows over and reflects the lake into which its views spill. Water has become a preoccupation for the MacArthur Genius; her designs not only reflect water as a form, but speak to water systems on the whole as meshing with the built environment.

Eye on the Street: Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Looking out a cafe window in Roanoke, VA, by Heather Smith.





The EPA Smart Growth Awards

The EPA announced the winners of the 2011 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement today, and CNU's fingerprints left a heavy imprint this year. Congrats to CNU Board Chair Victor Dover and Dover-Kohl Partners for recognition of their work on Plan El Paso, and to CNU Board Member Doug Farr for his work on the Uptown Normal Roundabout.

CNU 20 on the Public Square!

The CNU Public Square is back and better than ever! Simply click over to the Public Square, create an account and/or log in, and add your voice to the discussion surrounding CNU 20.

Waiting in Harlem

The recent New York Times article "In East Harlem, 'Keep Out' Signs Apply to Renters" showcases the struggle in redeveloping formerly derelict areas, even in a place like Manhattan, where - as the author states - the vacancy rate is nearly 1 percent. While it is easy to look towards property owners as the main culprits in stalling such redevelopment, there may be another factor.