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By 2012, Green Roofs Might be Considered the Next Ethanol.

Green roofs are like ethanol in that they are too expensive for the resulting benefit and they take resources from other needs. A simple, insulated, white (in the south) roof does as well. And the water-handling stuff is utter superstition. The problem with "gizmo green" as currently conceived is that it is high tech visual biophilia that adds cost. The Original Green reduces cost. Everything green about Seaside (which is extensive) was done because it reduced cost.

"Stop Demolishing New Orleans' Heritage" - Jack Davis.

Jack Davis - CNU Board member, and itinerant reporter, editor, and publisher - recently wrote a feature on New Orleans' unfortunate inclination to literally bulldoze over its architectural - and therefore cultural - heritage.

Andres Duany on Jane Jacobs

At intervals of a decade or so, I reread what I consider to be the great books of architecture. The real standbys have been Venturi's Complexity and Contradiction, Le Corbusier's Towards a New Architecture, Rem Koolhaas' Delirious New York and Jane Jacob's Death and Life. Depending on my stage in life--and on ambient circumstance--they become different books, with seeming way more relevance. Death and Life is now ascendant in my estimation, while the others are actually sounding a bit foolish. The books haven't changed of course, but I have, and so has the general prospect.

CNU 20 Preview with Andrés Duany


"I said automobiles are a useless nuisance!"

"I said automobiles are a useless nuisance!" - Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons, 1942.

Where's My Crosswalk?

This video asks Hollywood, CA, "Where's My Crosswalk?" (Thanks to StreetsblogLA for the video.)

Lucy Saves Main Street from Evil Freeway

Who knew Lucy was a Highways-to-Boulevards advocate?

Click through the link to watch “Lucy Saves Main Street from Evil Freeway,” a 1967 episode of “The Lucy Show” in which Lucy petitions to save the historic town of Bancroft from highway development. 

Watch the show by clicking here. 

CNU in Nola to "Re-Imagine Claiborne Avenue"

Saga City

An engaging cartoon tells the story of sprawl and smart growth:

Saga City - Our communities facing climate change from SAGA CITÉ on Vimeo.

CNU 20 Preview with Richard Florida

Richard Florida, author of the best-selling Rise of the Creative Class and The Great Reset, will be delivering the Friday Night Plenary at CNU 20 on May 11th, 2012.