Watershed Restoration Webinar with Paul Crabtree

Since 2010, CNU’s Rainwater-in-context initiative has worked with all levels of government and other key rainwater players to encourage the formation of best management practices, LEED-ND rainwater codes, and EPA regulations that take into account watershed level planning.  Engineer, planner, CNU... read more »

Places Everyone! People and Pets too.

In memory of our beloved Josie, you will always be remembered and you will be in our hearts each and every day for the rest of our lives. May you walk with us safely, and may your story inspire those who have the will and the poweer and the committment to make better streets and places for people an... read more »

My Generation Chooses Urbanism (More Than Its Parents, Anyhow)

While I was rummaging through some old files at my parents' house, I discovered two books that I thought were pretty interesting: the school directory for the boarding school I attended in the late 1970s, and the 1999 alumni directory for the same school.  As a new urbanist, my first thought wa... read more »

Student Leader Chronicles: SNU bridges the gap between school and community

Great things are happening here at the Congress for the New Urbanism! Last week this salon series profiled the recently established Students for the New Urbanism (SNU) University of North Carolina group. Well, this week we have even more good news to share with you readers: Arizona State University... read more »

Hunts Point Market

To remove, or not to remove, that is the question! Community activist groups and Bronx, NY residents have long awaited the decision of the Sheridan Expressway's fate. Mayor Bloomberg and the city answered their questions this past summer: the removal option was off the table. This decision was large... read more »

Designing for Play: Children in the Public Realm

The following post comes courtesy of Global Site Plans' The Grid. CNU and Global Site Plans recently teamed up to syndicate Grid content, as its contingent of writers present a view on the opportunities and issues of urbanization all across the world. CNU will carry select posts from the Gr... read more »

Student Leadership Chronicles: The emerging leader

This post is part of a new series on the CNU Salons, STUDENT LEADER CHRONICLES. This series profiles how a Students for the New Urbanism membership enhances leadership skills. The below post is a Student Leader Chronicles post on leadership and Students for the New Urbanism courtesy of CNU Program I... read more »

The Prince's Foundation "A Culture of Building" Summer School

The Prince's Foundation strives to teach and demonstrate sustainable development via community engagement all around the world.  ... read more »