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NPR talk with Ellen Dunham Jones: Retrofitting Suburbia

Ellen Dunham-Jones, CNU Board Chair, was recently featured on NPR's TED Radio Hour discussing America's suburbs. Making the case that "the biggest urban revitalization projects are in the suburbs, not downtown centers," Dunham-Jones clarifies that due to the building of the suburbs without thinking about the consequences, we must now 'rethink them.' Further into the interview, the realization of what could be in the suburbs take shape - retrofitting the suburbs to be compatible with thriving small downtown centers.

Join IGO CarSharing for Details on the "Future of Transportation"

IGO CarSharing will be hosting lunch and a panel discussion on the "Future of Transportation" Wednesday, July 11, 2012. As Chicago's leading non-profit carsharing organization, IGO is celebrating 10 years within the Chicago region. The panel discussion will include three key speakers - Gabe Klein, Timothy Papandreou, and Sharon Feigon. Mr. Klein is the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Transportation, as well as the former Director of the Washington D.C. Department of Transportation. Mr.

The Prince's Foundation "A Culture of Building" Summer School

The Prince's Foundation strives to teach and demonstrate sustainable development via community engagement all around the world. 

Focus on Sustainable Urbanism

Focus on Sustainable Urbanism will take place in Chicago August 6-15, 2012. The event will be put on by Farr Associates and the Foresight Design Initiative to educate graduate students and professionals about sustainable infrastructure, livable community design, smart growth, and the public realm. Doug Farr will lead studio projects, field visits, lectures, and readings. This opportunity will go beyond the basic 'green building' understanding of sustainable urbanism and explore the concept more in depth.

National Stakeholder Call on Nation Prevention Council Action Plan

Join interested citizens across the nation on Wednesday, June 13th to learn more about The National Prevention Council Action Plan. The plan, compiled by the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council, aims to shift the national focus to prevention and wellness via pulic, private, and non-profit partners working together. National Prevention Council Representatives will be speaking on the call, including Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General.

Impact Innovation: The Economic Spin on Cultural Tourism in Chicago

Mitch Nichols, President of the Nichols Tourism Group, spoke to a packed room of Chicago tourism supporters on Tuesday.

The Nichols Group just completed a yearlong study on the cultural tourism of Chicago. Nichols presented four ‘key lessons’ of his study and highlighted numerous statistics to the audience. The first lesson reviewed the impact the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture on visitors. COTC is proud of their service before and during visitors' stay.